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          Rochester Youth Football League would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our out-going League Commissioner Moose Harte. Moose coached in RYFL for 15 years and served as League Commissioner for 7 more years. He has been dedicated to RYFL and we are greatful for his service.
          It is also our pleasure to welcome our new Rochester Youth Football League Commissioner John Shae. He is also the current coach of the Spaulding High School Football team. He previously served as the high school coach and sat on the Board of Directors in the youth football league in Cambridge MA. We are looking forward to drawing from John's experience at the youth level and the integration of the youth level and the high school level.
From The Commissioner
Welcome to the Rochester Youth Football League (RYFL) website. We are a well-established youth football and cheerleading organization with over 60 years of experience serving the youth of the Rochester area. Our organization supports the needs of young athletes from their first moments in the sport through their Jr. High School careers. Our goals is to provide a platform from which young athletes develop a love of the game and of physical activity. We strive to develop each athlete mentally, physically, emotionally, and academically, along with developing the important skills of teamwork and sportsmanship. An important secondary goal is to develop each athlete for a successful high school athletic career. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the benefits that the RYFL can provide to your son or daughter.

John Shea, Commissioner
Cell: 617-605-5763
Email: coachshea@fastmail.com

          Rochester Youth Football was established in 1956 by a few leaders in the community with a big vision. We are proud that 2017 marks our 61th anniversary and our 30th year at Roger Allan Park. We were created to be the feeder program for the Little Red Raider Football and Cheering organization and we have evolved into a feeder program for not only the Little Red Raiders but also for Somersworth and Wolfeboro.

Coverage For Cook Shack: It is a league tradition that the teams playing in the Championship should be able to focus entirely on the game and not be concerned with the Cook Shack. We are, therefore, asking for anyone who would volunteer to work the Cook Shack during the Championship Game as well as the Pro-Bowl to just show up at those games to help out. Thank you all.
Team Mom Meeting: The first team mom meeting will be held on Tuesday August 22 at 6:00 in the RYFL office. Thank you to all the team moms who work very hard to keep out teams in good shape.
Volunteers: All of our coaches are volunteers. All of our concession workers are volunteers. Your league commissioner, and its board members are all volunteers. Your clean well kept football park is all done strictly by volunteers. Please be respectful of the hard work that is done for the sake of our children who participate here. Take pride in everything you say and do here. Let us all enjoy a great football season full of fun, laughter, fairness, respect. Many thanks to every single one of you who make uour league the best of it's kind.
If you are available for extra volunteer time or are interested in helping in other ways please contact us.

Special Notes:Roger Allen Park is a non-smoking facility. This includes, but is not limited to, cigaretts, cigars, chew and vaping or ecigaretts. This means on all of our grounds ...including the parking lot. Keep cigarette butts off of our parking lot! Anyone found smoking will be asked to extinguish them. More than one offense...you will be escorted off the grounds.Roger Allen Park is also a non alcohol facility. Anyone found drinking or under the infleuence will be escorted off the grounds.Parking: Handicap parking is along the goal post side of the parking lot. There is a small entrance gate there. Please pay attention to the no parking signs. These spots are reserved for commissioner and concession manager who often come with lots of things in their arms!
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