Draft Date & Information

Draft: New Players who sign up by Thursday August 10, 2017 but do not yet belong to a team will participate in a league draft or tryout.  This will take place on Saturday August 12 beginning at 9:00AM.  New players will be chosen for a team.  For the two weeks following the draft there will be a two week football camp.  Each evening the teams will begin practicing fundamentals, learning the game and finding out what it is to become part of a football team.

Rochester Youth Football Players can be male or female age 7 - 11 year old.

Participants who are 12 - 14 years and older or in seventh or eighth grade can tryout for the Little Red Raider Football and Cheerleading Program which is also part of the Rochester Youth Footbal League. Contact us for more information or visit their website. The link is on this website for easy access.Cheering  participants can be male or female and are eligible between ages 5 and 11.